Department of Philosophy : Morigaon College


The foundation year  of Morigaon College and Department of Philosophy is same and it's 1964. College founder Princpal Sjt. Gurucharan Medhi was also founder teacher of our department. Before 1999, Philosophy department was provided only pass course facility. But in 1999 our department successfully introduced Major Course and now it has been continuing to till date. Now our department provides Honours course as well as Generic course as new CBCS rules and regulations. Now there are around 80 nos of students in both Honours and Generic courses.  


Morigaon College founder Princpal Sjt. Gurucharan Medhi was also founder teacher of our department. When Sjt. Gurucharan Medhi took his charge as a Principal, another two teachers, Sjt. Birichidhar Burhagohai and Sjt. Nilima Medhi was appointed as a Lecturer. Both these  teachers successfully offered their services to the college and Sjt. Birichidhar Burhagohai got his retirement in 1997 and then Sjt. Nilima Medhi also got her retirement in 1998. After their retirement Dr. Nilamani Phukan and Dr. Sanjib Hussain Thakuria have been appointed as an Assistant Professor and further they got promotion as an Associate Professor.


 Department of Philosophy, Morigaon College does have the aim to impart higher, futuristic education and excellence for development of Human Personality and Resource. It has also the aim to make learners intellectually higher and morally strong and enable the making of rational, responsible, compassionate and sensitive human beings.


Motto of the Department: “Knowledge that Enlightens All”.



Department of Philosophy, Morigaon College does have the vision to impart higher, futuristic education and Excellence for development of Human Personality and Resource. It has also the vision to make learners intellectually higher and morally strong and enable the making of rational, responsible, compassionate and sensitive human beings.



Our sincere mission is to nurture knowledge, skill and attitude to students from all walk of life through curriculum, so that they become enlightened and empowered, qualified with Potentialities having a sense of self-respect along with commitment towards society and nation. Along with teaching-learning programme department provides scope of researches, training, symposium and career counselling. It is also our mission to develop our department as an ideal centre of learning for proper manifestation of learner’s mind and character to make him or her a good citizen. 


  1. To impart value based and life-oriented education for the student
  2. To create an environment of rational and creative thinking among the new generation (students)
  3. To develop moral and healthy personality and character of the students.

Courses Offered

1. B.A. Honours in Philosophy

2. Certificate courses:

a)  “Life Skill and Yoga”

b) “Assamese Folk Song: Study & Practice”

c) “Soft Skill”

Resources of the Department

1. General Class Room: 03

2. ICT Classroom: 01

3.  Books: 100

4. Journals: 50

4. One Desktop Computer with  Printer and WiFi facitity 


1. There are 4 nos of  Qualified and Experienced Teaching staff and 1 no of department bearer

2. The pass percentage of the department of good

3.  ICT enabled classroom facility 

4.  Offers 3 nos of Add-on Certificate courses

4. Departmental library with 100 books and 50 copies of journal (Dristibhangi) published by department since 2007, 10 copies of taxt and refference books written by our faculty member 

5.  One girl student named by Rijuwana Sultana who is expert in the field of Martial Art and she has been arranged trained up self-defense programme for girl students in difference school in Morigaon district


1. Only 2 nos of permenent teachers 

2. Shortage of Classroom

3. Classrooms are not sufficeient facilities 



1.To improve decision making thinking 

2. To proper development of human resources 

3.To  give knowledge of ethical or moral values

4. Prepare student to state and national level compititive examination

5. To get success of  any kind of situation 


1. Syllabus of some semester is not well planned

2. Some students remain absent frequently due to their economicl problems 

3. Sometimes Govt. or Administritive Authority engaged teacher in differece govt. duties

Activities of the Department

  1. Arranged a Yoga Camp on  11.04.22
  2. Flood Relief on 24.06.2022 at Morakalong
  3. Self Defence for Gilrs, 3 days Programme for Girls on 12, 13 & 14 July
  4. Teachers’ Day Celebration, 5th September, 2022
  5. Observed World Philosophy Day, 17th   November
  6. Department Freshmen’s Social, 29.09.2022
  7. International Seminar on Green Literature & Philosophy: Texts, Contexts & Argument on 20 & 21 December 2022
  8. An Educational Tour to Bogamati on 26.11.2022
  9. Induction Programme on 23.01.2023
  10. Participated resource person at Sankardev Vidya Niketa, Kopahera on 03.03.2023
  11. Arranged an educational trip to Hamim on 5th February, 2023
  12. Extension Activity on 05.02.2023
  13. Participated Cultural Rally in College Week on 14th February, 2023
  14. Extension Activity on 09.03.2023
  15. Extension Activity on Literacy Awarness Programme

Awards of the Department

No Data Available

Publication of the Department

1. Published annual departmental Journal "Dristibhangi' (The Prespective) since 2007 

2. Published half-yearly wall mazagine 'Wisdom' (formarly 'Darshan Jyoti')  since 1999

Achievements of the Department

No Data Available

Future Plan of the Department

1. Introduce post graduate programme 

2. Introduce more add-on courses.

3. Organise more seminar and workshop 

4. MoU with other educational institute 

5. More community enhancement programme 

Best Practices

Best Practice 1: Students Welfare Fund


    a) Financial/ social welfare and contribution to leisure activity of students.

    b) Development of leadership quality and practical knowledge and critical thinking, exposure to financial/ monetary problems.

    c) Teamwork development, linkage between ex-student and existing student, relationship between teachers and students.

     Underlying Principles: Financial inclusion, Character building, decision making and problem solving.

Best Practice 2: Self defence programme for Girls’ students


  1.  To create awareness about self-protection of girls
  2. Train up health protection technique in critical situation
  3.  Mental health development training